Meat Loving Metal Punk Act – Meatgasm – Release Lyric Video For Single About Meat [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong-based metal punk act Meatgasm are not shy about professing their love for meat. From the band’s name to the title of their debut album, ‘Dirty Meats’, and even now on their brand new single ‘Gimme Bacon’, meat is what they live by.

Head honcho meathead Jaime shared the following with us:

“Following up on our full-length “Dirty Meats” album released in January this year, we couldn’t wait any longer to start pumping out new fun heavy high energy music about our favorite and very important subject matter – Meat! With this new track, we just knew we had to summon the Bacon Gods and do some sonic worship to this alter of addiction that is bacon. There are no hidden meanings in this track nor references to something other than freakin’ bacon and our love for it in all its forms. Gimme Gimme Gimme!!”

With the following lyrics, he’s not messing around:

You’re Bacon me crazy
You’re Bacon me super hot
Bacon is the answer
Don’t you tell me that it’s not

“This is also the first track we are releasing completely self-contained, recording and production-wise. We’ve decided we didn’t want to wait a bunch of time to write 10 or so new tunes to make an album anymore but rather have the ability to release singles as we come up with them in real-time whenever we felt like it. 100% produced from the MeatgasM farm. We see ourselves as primarily a live band so what you are hearing on this IS live, no-edited tracks recorded straight from our rehearsal room onto our mobile recording setup, and then brought into The MeatgasM Kitchen to finish it up with vocals, etc. Singles are what you can expect from us from now on. As soon as we have a new one, will pump it right out! In Meat We Trust!”

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