McDonald’s China Has Apologized For A Sign That Said “Black People Are Not Allowed”

The day after we released a post about Africans in Guangzhou being discriminated against to the point that they were being evicted from their homes (!!!) and being refused service at stores, restaurants, and hotels, meaning they were left to sleep on the streets, a McDonald’s in Guangzhou put up this sign:

We lost our minds as did the rest of the world! “BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE RESTAURANT.” THAT’S WHAT IT SAYS!!!!

We have been appalled, disgusted on the verge of wanting to throw up thinking about an African family with children walking into a restaurant and seeing this sign in your face. How are you going to explain this to your children????

McDonald’s China has released this useless apology statement which you can read below:

We have stopped eating at McDonald’s for years but for SURE are never going to go back again.

Other Africans in China are currently trying to look out for each other amongst this horrible discrimination against them. Keep in mind, they have ALREADY been a historically discriminated group of people…

Some have been posting the following message in English and Chinese especially for their Chinese neighbors to understand what the situation is:

We wish our African friends and family in China all the strength to get over this horrible situation that they’re facing. We hope the powers that be all over the world raise their voices in united disgust against this treatment of our fellow human beings.

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