“A More Mature Sound…” Is Such A Cliche Statement – But In The Case of Blood Pact…

It’s hard not to get emotional or sentimental with some bands, especially when you have a history with the members and have watched/observed grow along their musical journey. The dudes in Singapore post-punk act Blood Pact are certainly no strangers to avid readers of this website and those who are aware of the South East Asian community of phenomenal musicians and bands.

Everything from the band name, artwork, the music, and to the vocalist Nicholas’ delivery on the mic showcases a group of individuals talented beyond all imagination. Just looking at the band members collective catalog shows an extensive list of well-crafted music – you can hear some of that further below. But even with that, there is something significantly more special than all other releases/projects…press play below and you’ll know what we mean.

Congrats to the boys and you lucky bastards out in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are lucky as fuck to be able to check out this band live…


Photo Credit: Png Eng Ngee


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