Malaysian Punk Scene Mourns The Passing Of Kimi [Terr Records/Inquiry Last Scenery]

This morning news broke out that a prominent member of Malaysia’s hardcore punk scene, Kimi, passed away. Our good friemd Mashi Meirul penned the following:

“Everyone knows Kimi in both the Malaysian scene and overseas. He was born in Taiping, Perak (southern side of Malaysia) and was living in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur and recently married [2019]. He was an important and longtime member of the hardcore/punk scene in Malaysia, especially in the world of screamo running a DIY label called Terr-Record.

Terr Records have released important music for bands such as Thy Regiment, Grand Detour, False Flag, etc, and played in bands such as Tyrant and Inquiry Last Scenery as a guitar player/songwriter. The band has toured widely in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan in 2019 and was hoping to tour Europe in the future.

In addition to having a band, and a record label, Kimi was also hugely involved as a promoter/booking agent as well as highly involved in all aspects of production – from design to layout. Kimi was the person who brought bands such as Graf Orlock, Mass Nera and many others to Malaysia.

His loss in the scene is very sad because of his craft, activism, involvement, and dedication to the scene. May he rest in peace and condolences to his family and friends.

Thanks Kimi.”

Our hearts go out to his family.
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