The Love We Have For This Band Is Unshakable. Jakarta Hardcore Band Outrage Are Back.

There are some bands on the planet that just simply can do no wrong. Ever.

One of those bands for us is Jakarta hardcore band Outrage who masterfully blend street-smarts, city-living, groove, rhythmic vocals (we ain’t calling it rap but it’s pretty damn close), 90’s hip hop, HARD music with heavy riffs, with epic as f choruses that you’ll be singing long after the songs are done. Pretty much from the get-go when we first heard this band we were floored at just how well pieced together all their music was but then how well thought out all their visuals (from merch to music videos to all their socials) were as well.

They’re like a textbook that should be studied.

Any of y’all on that Madball, Cold World, No Warning, Expire tip – and you haven’t heard Outrage yet – you’re straight up tripping.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new tunes from the dudes and they just dropped a 2 track smackdown out of fucking nowhere. And you know what’s mad? The band mentioned below that these two tracks are actually from a total of 25 songs that they have written. WHAT. THE. EPIC. FUCK.

Master riff-writer and co-producer Fajar Putranto explains, “It’s been a while since we’re released new music. Outside of playing live shows it may seem that we have been quiet. Though with what we’ve put out thus far our debut LP ‘Higher Powers’ and our split EP with Humanimal ‘Humanrage’ certainly could tide us over until the end of 2023. But we’re here to let you know that we haven’t let up since that 2021 split EP. We wrote around probably 25-ish songs, from the span of early 2021 to late 2022. We stripped them down. Scrapped what we didn’t like and kept the tracks that we were most comfortable with. Outrage is a band that likes to throw surprise curve balls with every release, we plan to carry on with that tradition.”

And you want to know what’s nuts? The two new songs are part of an upcoming DOUBLE LP. DOUBLE DAWG.

“The first track ‘Big City Problems’ is a two-step anthem with a full 16 bar build-up whilst ‘Undefeated’ is a stage dive mosh-inducing track that features Kevin of No Excuse.”

The band is now complete with a 6th member in the band, a DJ named Gamal, and if all the stars align just right – the double LP should be out this October.

You’ve been warned.

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