Long Running Malaysian Ska Punk Band Plague of Happiness Release Documentary [Malaysia]

Those who know me (Riz) know how much I fucking LOVE Teh Tarik, so the fact that this documentary about amazing Malaysia ska punk band Plague of Happiness opens with a member walking while drinking a cup of Teh Tarik, has me hooked. Hahahaha…

Band rules…congrats to the bands on their longevity! Good music and bands should last forever!

Here’s the full write up from the band:

“It has been a while. Supposedly we need to release this documentary earlier. We have released our THE RISING of BLITZKRIEG SOCIETY documentary by one of the most talented human beings SHIMA from late EMPYR Films in 2016. Documentary always gives us resisting feeling, afraid that we might not show enough OR our words were taken out of context OR we showed too much. Then, presenting our lives and works to the masses helps explain to the world how we going this far. Showing that a good friendship will bring you somewhere.

MASA was a story. A story about how PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS starts (MULA), about performance (PERSEMBAHAN), the band tours (LAWATAN), their careers (KERJAYA), friendship (PERSAHABATAN), how they sustain (KEKAL). MASA is about the journey of friends living their lives in a form of a band called PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS. It is an excuse from daily routine, daily job, being an employee OR an employer, a teacher, a technician, a restaurant owner, a silkscreen painter, an accountant, construction worker, a farmer, an engineer, being a husband, a father, a son. MASA is a TIME given to a friendship to be together through music and ARTS.”


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