Legendary Malaysian punk rock Carburetor Dung being ripped off by Universal

carburetor dung

In probably one of the weirdest pieces of news today amongst the Asian punk/hardcore circle…Malaysian punk rock legends Carburetor Dung have just found out that their music is being re-released by none other then major label asswipes Universal Music. As this is an insane piece of news we had to follow up with our buddy in the band Joe Kidd to find out how in the world Universal had the masters in the first place…Joe kindly responded to our query by saying that “our old label VSP (local independent label active during the 80’s/90’s) licensed the 1993 recording to EMI somewhere in the mid-2000’s without our knowledge or permission”. He is understandably angry as all hell regarding this current situation and is looking for legal advice on how to proceed. He has stated clearly that the band owns the rights to this music so at least the band has that if/when they take these bastards to court.

More power to Carburetor Dung!

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