Korean Zine ‘Broke in Korea’ Releases Fiction Novels

The Seoul-based punk zine Broke in Korea has released two fiction novels in celebration of its 15th anniversary of self-publishing.

“Hongdae Fire” is set in the Korean punk scene in the 2000s. “When catastrophe strikes, it falls to punk-turned-journalist Won Yoo-kyung, better known as 6,000 Won or 6kyung, drummer of punk band the Tigers of Yuinmak, to uncover the truth.” The main character and her skinhead sidekick go on many adventures in their quest for justice, exposing deeply rooted evils and trying to rebuild the punk scene.

Broke has also released “Rapscallion’s Den,” a collection of short stories set in a punk house in the writer’s hometown of Edmonton, Canada. The first six stories have already been published serially in past issues of Broke in Korea, but the remaining eight are all newly written. There is an additional interactive “Choose Your Own Adv — I mean Path” story in which you can be an undercover cop trying to bust the residents of Rapscallion’s Den and get it shut down.

Also coming soon is issue 28 of the punk zine Broke in Korea, the second of two 15th anniversary issues released this year. It will include interviews with Korean punk and hardcore bands Combative Post, Korose, Hi-Teen Pops, Vanmal, Polluter and ADxHD (a duo of Struggle Session members stuck in Korea), plus a great deal more, including interviews with fellow zine publishers Rebel Society and The Bulldozed Future, a comprehensive list of Korean live music venues past and present, the “K-Pop Idol Group or Semiconductor Firm?” quiz, a punk crossword, and a list of the best and worst restaurants for hanging out at all night after a show.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation, printed books are only available in Korea so far, but ebooks are available anywhere in the world. Broke’s publications are a good way to keep the spirit alive while live music scenes in most countries face pandemic restrictions.


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