Korean Metalcore Band End These Days Unleash New EP Preview and Interview

Korean metalcore band End These Days have dropped a full EP preview today so we can get a taste of their upcoming record Dead End to be released later this month. Vocalist Yul and bassist Wan were kind enough to even send in some more specific information about the record. Check out the interview below and then go blast the preview! So DOPE!

Can you tell us about the EP and how it came about?
While we were working on our second full length a few things happened with the band like our guitarist JJ quitting and Wan getting married. So we had a bunch of things going and we decided to just power through these issues by focusing on writing music. That’s how these 3 tracks for our digital EP came about. The title Dead End is also just a way to summarize what our generation is putting up with – the feeling of worthlessness, despair, and uncertainty.

If we’re talking about musicality, I think these songs have significantly evolved from our previous style in terms of composition and riffs. We tried some new stuff, but also stayed true to what our fans expect from us.

Where were the tracks recorded? 
We recorded the new tracks with Junyong Choi (Mankey – guitarist of Day of Mourning) at his studio, Manmanman Studio, where countless other Korean bands grow into becoming professional musicians. Nowadays he works on mixing and mastering tracks for overseas bands. Such a passionate and talented guy. Though he also handles mixing, we chose to work with Jeff Dunne for mixing and mastering. Honestly, the very first mix he sent back surprised the fuck out of us. He knew how to polish every sound just the way we intended it to sound like. We are so satisfied with the result.

What are some things you want to tell your worldwide supporters? 
It’s been a few years since we released our first full length. If it wasn’t for those who have been by our side telling us that they want to hear more from us, we might not have pushed through all these obstacles to release new material. Thank you all for your continuous support. The upcoming EP is our answer to your questions “WTF IS ETD GOING TO SOUND LIKE IN THE FUTURE?”

Thank you everyone at Unite Asia for keeping track of us from the very beginning to this day. COVID-19 put us all in a crazy spot but we will all prevail together. I hope this pandemic ends soon so we can play shows for everyone reading this. Stay safe!


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