Korean Indie Band Say Sue Me Announce Fundraiser After Being Robbed in Europe

Dayum…what a bummer! Read through this and then if you can donate, do so at the link below:

“Hi everyone,

We are Say Sue Me, an indie band from Busan, Korea.

You might have heard, we had some unfortunate incidents happen during our last November tour in Europe.

The most unfortunate incident happened as we arrived in Milan, where we fell victim to an elaborate tire-slashing scam. While we were distracted by sorting out the damage to our tour van’s tires, a number of our personal bags were stolen from us. We lost passports, Changwon’s kick pedal and drum bits, personal items of sentimental value, and almost all of our income from show fees and merch sales up to that point in time, which was already over halfway through our tour.

We were so shocked and depressed by this incident and felt very violated. It was only because of the kindness of promoters and audiences who supported us that we could continue.

But it put us in a difficult position. We are full time musicians and rely on this income to cover our touring costs. To have so much of it stolen really hit us hard financially.

We would like to ask your help in this fundraiser as we prepare for another round of touring and the big costs to do so.

Anything you can spare would be really appreciated!

We are also offering a number of rewards levels for donations.

Once this fundraising campaign has ended we will be in touch to thank donors and arrange for any rewards!”


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