King Ly Chee addresses lack of Malaysian dates on upcoming Asian tour

Thank you everyone for the immensely warm reception you have given to our Asian tour announcement that will take place from June 12 to June 21. To see all the messages up on Facebook, twitter, instagram of people all over the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangkok, etc., and to see how many people have been sharing our music, the poster, the announcement post…is just so unbelievable that our fellow Asian punk/hardcore/metal family actually care that much about us that it means a lot to THEM that we’re coming out – us, a little band from Hong Kong. When we sing the words “Lost in a world where I don’t belong/Tried to fit in it felt so wrong/I found solace in a song…You brought me home!” on stage throughout Asia – it’s going to take the message of this song to a whole new level.

Though the tour will take us through some of our all time favorite places (Singapore, Bangkok, Indonesia, and the Philippines) as well as through some new places (Phnom Penh, Medan, Dumai, Pekanbaru, Cagayan De Oro), there was a hugely important country that we were unable to book into this tour.

That’s right. Malaysia.

From ALL the comments I have seen and received from people throughout Malaysia – it truly warms my heart to know that there are THAT many people who want to see us down there. I know that doesn’t mean shit right now because you just want to see us on this tour – however, I wanted to state that before we got into it…

Any Asian tour that we have done since 2003-2004 has ALWAYS included Malaysia – especially in what always feels like our second hometown – Kuala Lumpur – a city where some of the greatest dudes in Asian hardcore reside. This tour we tried our best to get back to Malaysia even including other stops besides KL like JB, Sabah and Malacca. But right when we were booking this tour, venues started getting shut down in KL. Right when we started booking this tour I suddenly remembered to check to see when Ramadan was (being a Muslim myself), and found out that this year Ramadan starts on June 18 – which is right in the middle of our tour.

Regardless, we (with Jai of Reconstrux at the helm) pressed ahead determined to work with all our brothers that we have close relationships with down in Malaysia to try and make things work. And I mean ALL…we tried asking everyone we knew to see if there was any REMOTE possibility that we could work something out. But understandably, venue issues and proximity to ramadan really made it a difficult stretch for many promoters.

Alas…we weren’t able to lock a single date in Malaysia during this particular timeframe. If we could’ve moved the entire tour a week ahead then we could’ve fit in some Malaysian dates…however, we book tours around our full-time jobs here in Hong Kong. We have families and kids to feed and take care of so messing with our daytime jobs is just not an option. So we had no choice but to stick with our initial dates and find shows to fill them up.

That’s the long story short…

Here’s the good news though…

Kuala Lumpur – we are coming to YOU as part of this year’s A Fest which is an annual Malay-Chinese music promotion festival! The date is August 1 and you can get onto their Facebook page to find out more!

DATE: August 1, 2015
PLACE: TBC – Kuala Lumpur
KING LY muthafuckin’ CHEE

So yes, it really saddens us that after trying so hard we weren’t able to make it work in this run…but we’re coming in August and we will make it up to you – one of our favorite places on this planet…MALAYSIA.

Big thanks to Jai and all the Malaysian promoters that tried hard to suss something out for us…but we’ll see you all in Kuala Lumpur on August 1st! If you REALLY can’t wait until August 1 – Singapore is not that far away from you guys! 🙂

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