Hong Kong Hardcore Vets – King Ly Chee – Return With Brand New Song ‘Spirit Remains’

Long-running Hong Kong hardcore band King Ly Chee who had disbanded in 2017 reformed last year (2021) with what is considered the “classic” lineup here in Hong Kong from the era of their second full-length ‘Stand Strong’ released in 2003.

According to their drummer Kevin, “We were just looking to get back into a practice room and mess around. We had no idea what it would feel like or if anything would come from it.” “True,” added vocalist/guitarist Riz, “We all haven’t been around each other in almost 20 years so we had no real expectations. Just wanted to see what everyone was up to and quickly just grabbed our instruments and started playing through some of these songs. It felt good instantaneously as if, honestly, we had never taken a break this entire time.” Andy, the second guitarist, joined in the conversation with his traditional smile. Which, for anyone that knows him, means he is SUPER excited! “We added the bassist, Ho, from the very last incarnation of the band because the original bassist from that era of King Ly Chee, Alex, is not currently in Hong Kong and doesn’t really have any plans to get back here (understandably so with all that’s happened here),” says Riz. Check out the band ripping it live in a killer live fullset video streaming further below.

Today the band has just released the first brand NEW song this lineup has written since back in 2004. The song is called ‘Spirit Remains’ and has been unleashed on the world via a lyric video streaming both on the band’s IG and their youtube channel. “The song is just us getting back to our basics which is writing from the heart and letting anything naturally happen. Yes, there’s a cello in it. Yes, there are some female vocals in it. Yes, it gets metal, it gets hardcore, it gets groovy, it gets into whatever we want,” says Kevin. “We recorded the song at our friend Sammy of MAMMOTH Hong Kong band Kolor’s studio. His drummer, Michael, was there and I remember him saying “How many elements are in this ONE song????”,” laughs Riz who sings in both Cantonese and English on the track.

“At the end of the day, there’s a lot going on in Hong Kong. There’s a lot of trauma that we’re all going to need to unpack with a therapist sometime in our lives, so all we can do now is find ways to make life here bearable. And what better way to do that than hanging out with good friends and writing music? If it connects with people – GREAT! If it doesn’t, it’s all good because we found each other again and are having a good time and that’s ALL that matters to us.”

The band states there are at least 2 more tracks in the works…and just like the cello may throw you off, there will be elements in those songs that will also, intentionally, throw you off.

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Photo Credit: Raven Lee https://www.instagram.com/rrraven__/


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