Killer rock metal band Punkh from India


Continues to be one of my favorite things about running this site…getting incredible bands submitting news about their music…

Here’s another stellar band you have to check out…this time from the shores of India – the band is called Punkh but are not a punk band, which I only mention in case, like me, that name got you immediately thinking of mohawks and patches-strewn on black leather jackets ala The Ramones roaming around the streets of Mumbai…they’re in fact a pretty damn creative alternative metal band with gigantic slabs of groove that sing in Hindhi…they even manage to include some traditional Indian elements in both the vocals and the music…talent my friends – pure talent to be able to seamlessly blend the two. There are some reviews floating around in cyberspace that label these guys “nu-metal” – besides the groove in the music I don’t hear those elements at all…the dudes vocals itself completely do away with that tag to me personally (I’m an old school metalhead – “nu-metal” was a very low point in the history of metal for me). Their website says this about their singer Deepak “Dean” Nair:

“…soaring vocals heavily reminiscent of the Eighties when all rock singers seemed hell-bent on punching holes in the stratosphere with their voice.”

That whole sentence totally does this singer’s vocal skills justice.


They’ve released a 7 song EP entitled Karmah which can be streamed below. A couple of the songs from this release can be checked out in the videos below. Punkh

Check out the music video below and then further below there’s an amalgamation video of a bunch of their songs pieced together.

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