Joint statement released ending ongoing dispute regarding death metal gig in Malaysia

“On 20th August 2017, i made an official statement regarding to my deathcore // death metal event that was raided by the authorities. I have explained the whole situation and state out the possibilities of how it all started. I discussed with every person that are involved with the event. Most of them are eye-witnesses and claimed to see the poster and the clip of my performance from the police’s phone. After a long hard discussion, everything is linked to the band, aspersions. It was hard for me to accept it but then again, it could not have been a mere coincidence. I thought hard and long on should i call them out. But all i could think was the faces of the people traumatized by the incident.

Thinking of what would happen if we all had to be escorted by the police. What would happen then? Those with wives. Pregnant and non-pregnant. Young kids and OKU also will be affected. Its hard for me to keep it all in. All i could do is to stand-up for my friends and families. I was forced to call the band out. I did not name out who.

A lot of provocation has been done by them. I had to stay calm and try to make them cooperate to reply me properly and explain themselves. They keep refusing and make the matter even worse. I invited them to meet, still they refused.

Case was closed by default due to the vocalist of Aspersions went M.I.A. Later in the day, the vocalist contacted me with a new number. He said that he did not want to run away but had to shut off all communication. This time he finally wanted to meet in person. Rather than i refuse to see him, i open heartedly gave him the chance to explain himself.

We met in an open public area with the co-organizers and the venue owner. After 2 hours of intense meetup, we found that he was not guilty. Yes, it was his mistake for lashing out everywhere in social media but that was all because of his temper and the only one who was able to respond in facebook. Why is he the only one? 2 of his band members do not own a smartphone and one does not use facebook.

I wished he would have meet up earlier and not to provoke everyone. He did regret for doing so and i forgave him. So we both trade our evidences and investigate further on the matter. After that, i told him to stay on hold and let us to have some time with all the statements and evidence. Then we made an arrangement with the rest of the band. As 2 of the non-smartphone user are excluded from the moment, we only have to talk to the only one that is available. After 5 hours of another intense meetup, we also found out that he is also not guilty.

We have concluded that THE RAID IS INDEED RELATED TO THE BAND. We CANNOT DENY THAT FACT and for both party, best that the identity of the one who caused this remains unknown after mutually agreeing so. We both also agreed to not press charges to anyone or any side , this is because we do not wish any cyber-bullying incident to repeat. We also know that we are not able to retrieve physical evidence as this create any false statement. Like i said, i do not hold grudge on them and they too feel the same. I forgave them with all my heart and wish everyone to remove any post regarding to them especially the vocalist.

If you have any personal problems or dissatisfaction with them, do not relate it with us, the event and others. To all the press and medias, we thank you for being concern. We also would like to apologize to the band and to everyone for all this chaos. We hope for them to learn from their mistakes and be kind to others.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!