Japanese visual rock band Moi Dix Mois release statement about people taking pics of them in Hong Kong

moi dix mois

Japanese visual rock band Moi Dix Mois release statement about people taking pics/videos of them while they played a show in Hong Kong. We found the statement an interesting read since we come from the world of hardcore, punk and metal and are very far removed from the world of bands/artists who have these types of requirements placed on their audience.

Would love to know what your thoughts are?

In one regard…if the band made it clear that they would stop any audience member from filming or taking photos, then it is hard to fault them when the audience deliberately ignored their requests. But another way to look at it, you are a band on stage performing and entertaining…in the age of smartphones everyone takes photos of everything as a way to document whatever they do.


Here’s the statement:

“Thank you for your kind support of Moi dix Mois Live in Hong Kong yesterday. Our official photographers has a brilliant set of photos to be released soon after official confirmation by the band.

However, we are regret that, there were some undisciplined audiences who took photos and video during the show, which concerns the band members including Mana.

We are urging everybody to protect the band’s image, please avoid leaking any unofficial photos or videos. Please kindly DELETE the unofficial photos and video if you have uploaded any. And please spread this message to your friends as well.

We still hope to see the band in Hong Kong again. Thank you for your kind co-operation.”

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