Japanese Hardcore Vets LOYAL TO THE GRAVE Release Fullset Live Vid + Give Us Some News

Japanese hardcore veterans – LOYAL TO THE GRAVE – have been a staple of the heavier end of Japanese hardcore for literal decades now. Their beatdown parts, for example, is stuff you can hear in the modern day Japanese hardcore sound. The dudes were ahead of their time – which makes sense since the band is also home to members of the epic State Craft. So whenever there’s any new fullset live videos out, we stop what we’re doing to pay our respects and watch with eager eyes (and ears). And watching the epic Japanese mosh break out is always straight FIRE.

Check out this dope ass fullset live video out on IKTR HN’s channel.

And for the news?

We hit up their vocalist Koba for something, anything to let us know…the man of few words replied:

“We’re recording right now”.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeetttttt!!!!!!!!


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