Japan and Singapore Join Forces On New 4 Way Split


5000 and ILILL from Japan join forces with RÛTH and ISTILAH from Singapore one an upcoming 4 Way Split which will be available on cassette tapes through KAKUSAN RECORDS (Norway) and on CD through CANOPUS DISTRO (Singapore).

Four incredible bands on one incredible split. A frantic and chaotic, yet beautiful and gorgeous split with four bands playing a unique brand of emotive hardcore. 5000 kicks off this split with three ferocious emoviolence songs that goes by WAY too fast, before Singapores RÛTH enters with two songs of emotional goodness. ILILL then picks up the remains of your broken heart, and shatters it with their intense emoviolence-meets-mid90s-emo inspired music , and lastly ISTILAH finishes the split with two songs of amazingly passionate emoviolence not too far off from the stuff heard from Germany and Italy in the early to mid 2000s.

5000 : Reversal of Man, PG.99, Neil Perry, Louise Cyphre
RÛTH : Suis La Lune, Envy, Amanda Woodward, Daitro
ILILL: PG.99, Rebel One Excalibur, Blue Friend, Don Martin 3
ISTILAH: La Quiete, Raein, Tristan Tzara, Suis La Lune

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