This is Your Jam For The Week (And It’s Only Tuesday) – Grindcore Act Abanglupa Full Album Up

It’s only Tuesday but we already have your record of the week for you right now. Philippines-based grindcore duo Abanglupa have finally unleashed their debut album ‘Of Rats and Swine’ for all of us to feast our ears on. “Grindcore” doesn’t do them justice because as the songs continue to blast into our ears in their HM-2 soaked goodness, we hear elements of sludge, doom, punk rock, and good ol’ hardcore. It’s going to be really interesting to see how this duo is going to bring this madness to a live setting. There’s a lot of intensity in their music and, more importantly, in their lyrical content, and to pull this off live is going to be a massive test of their abilities.

Either way – go familiarize yourself with this amazing band and their full length so that when/if they ever hit your town, you already know what’s up. For example, the last post from the doesn’t even mention the music – they know what’s more important:

“The Marcoses will do anything to return to Malacañang and claim power for themselves. They will stop at nothing even if it means sowing discord amongst the Filipino people. They spend millions upon millions of pesos in their feeble attempts to revise history and brainwash everyone, paying particular attention to the youth, feeding them falsehoods about Martial Law, framing it as the best thing that ever happened to the country and that their family stole NOTHING from our nation’s coffers despite the numerous decisions and orders of the high court that they should return their ill-gotten wealth to the Filipino people.
Don’t forget their attempts to perpetuate the lie that there were no human rights abuses that occurred during the Martial Law period.

This right here is a call to vigilance, a call to a heightened awareness that if we let thieves and murderers back into Malacañang, our efforts to advance the cause of human rights and the dismantling of fascist systems will irrevocably grind to a halt if we allow the Marcoses to lie, cheat, and steal their way back into the highest office in the land.”

In a recent interview the band conducted with Transcended Music Blog this was their brilliant response to a particular question that got us stoked:

The first thing that came to my mind when having listened into Of Rats and Swine was a strong connection to the sound of Trap Them especially on their earlier releases. What are the major influences you take your inspiration from when finding out how to sound?
Truth be told, the acts/bands that other people compare us to are mostly new discoveries for us. Our true influence is the struggle of our country and the problems that plague our society. We found our sound as we determined that it was most suited to air our grievances of those always caught in the middle of poverty, anger, hope, and rebellion.”


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