Ever Heard of “Naturecore”? Us too. But This is Great. Ereimang Release Debut Track [India]

Originally when this was sent to us it only included something as simple as “release debut single”, but as soon as we pressed play we wrote back “You have to provide us with so much more information”. (Actually, we do this with pretty much anyone who sends us a submission with minimal text that we can’t work with.)

Anyway…check out the debut single of Indian folk metal band Ereimang and the full write up below:

“Ereimang is a project spearheaded by clinical music therapist Laishram Kamal who has roots in Manipur and currently lives in Bangalore. The project is meant to explore sonic possibilities between traditional Manipuri folk music and alternative music (from metal to shoegaze and everything in between).

The project released its first single (Kwakta Lamjel) in March 2023, 4 years after it was recorded and produced. It was important to release the single with a music video to give some context and represent something that is probably unknown to the rest of India. The project currently includes Thoichanba Laishram (Pena and vocals), Nitin Samurailatpam, and Jyotin Elangbam of popular Imphal-based shoegaze/dream pop band Lo! Peninsula, and Gajendra Sharma who plays guitar in Imphal-based progressive rock outfit – Terra Progeny.

Traditional/sacred music performances and representations often tend to only focus on ideas like beauty and grace but there are also other emotions that can be relevant. It would safe to say that it can be bewildering and maybe even frightening. Ereimang hopes to bring all these mixed emotions to the forefront to engage with.

The first single is called Kwakta Lamjel (The race at Kwakta) adapted from the Meitei folk ballad known as the “Khamba Thoibi ballad” (better known as the Moirang Sai) in the “Pena Sheishak” style of the folk ballads (Meitei: Khunnung Eeshei) sung by minstrels with the Pena (musical instrument). It is based on the popular Manipuri poem/folk tale of Princess Thoibi and Khamba (Khamba Thoibi Sheireng) which was developed and completed in 1940 by Hijam Anganghal Singh.

This section is about the race between Khamba and Nongban. Nongban, so far, undefeated in race, wrestling, and hockey tries to retain his position using unfair means but Khamba wins the race in the hearts of his people.”


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