Indonesia Up In Arms About New Draft Law

We aren’t even going to try and pretend that we understand all the legal language in the draft bill that is being put forward in Indonesia – but ALL of Indonesia’s musicians across the entire spectrum of music that is present in that amazing country are up in arms about what it could do to music. The most worrying part is that the entire country is worried that this law once ratified will suppress artist creativity and freedom. The same creativity and artistry one needs to be able to put forward honest, genuine music. This is based on the portion of the bill that could place rules on music that may be deemed “blasphemous” or “provocative”. What the hell?! ANY type of protest music may be considered that! Any type of ART could be considered that!

We have been enjoying, revelling, supporting, encouraging, and loving music that comes out of Indonesia for decades. The quality in musicianship and songwriting is second to none. For the Indonesian community of musicians/artists to now have to deal with this type of fear dangled over them that could restrict their freedom of expression in this form of art, is heartbreaking.

We stand with all of you in Indonesia!

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