Indian heavy metal band Eclipse release full length (album stream up)


Holy…Eclipse is a band has been labeled “heavy metal” and as soon as you hit play you’ll agree 100%! The band rocks it hard with an Iron Maiden vibe complete with immense vocal chords, synthesisers, galloping rhythms, shredding guitar solos, the run of the gamut my metal friends.


“Eclipse are India’s best kept secret. Playing scintillating heavy metal with the classic sound intact, these guys are just about impressing anyone who chances upon their music. Each song is an anthem, an unforgettable and catchy piece that forces you to sing along to it. Hailing from a remote region in the northeastern part of India, Eclipse have surpassed all expectations by conjuring up a professionally recorded full length album that raised the bar very high for such kind of heavy metal in the country. From the naive yet irrepressible kids in the sitar-laced Gypsy to the histrionics of the colourful and mighty Albatross from Mumbai, Eclipse are carving a place for themselves in the scene and hoping to spread their wings further around the world. Each song is dripping with heartfelt emotion and the band mix elements of power metal and classic rock to forge a sound that can be admired by any metal fan. Let them not be eclipsed any longer, for albums like these are very few and far between. It may be a while till the next album pops out on Transcending Obscurity Distribution.”

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