Indian Hardcore Band Death By Fungi Unleash New EP ‘Die In Bombay’ On The Masses

The angularness of this brand new release by Indian hardcore band Death By Fungi is breathtaking – all their influences from the mathcore geniuses of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan to Botch to Shai Hulud even to more contemporary bands like Misery Signals (maybe not actually “contemporary” anymore here in 2019) – are evident. But there are a whole bunch of layers on this release that is in stark contrast (i.e. growth) from the band’s previous EP In Dearth Of released in 2016. This release has an emotional level to it – just press play on Guilt And Admission and feel. It thus makes sense that guitarist Vrishank had this to say about the music:

“This EP is our first step forward in finding a sound that’s ours. Frantic, heavy, melodic, whatever we like in music. We’ve written about the violence of growing up in Bombay, where lives are seen as expendable for capital gain. We also remixed and remastered two songs from our first EP because we love those songs and it felt like they don’t get enough love.”

Band rules. Glad they’re back with a vengeance.

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