Horns Up Podcast Release Stellar Episode With India’s Harshest Acts – Heathen Beast

“At the end of 2019 we knew that silence was not an option, all members have been active in protests across the country, but we knew this album had to be made…”

And thus begins one of the best interviews on Horns Up Podcast out of India. Today the podcast has released an interview with one of India’s most forward-thinking and abrasive extreme metal acts Heathen Beast a day after the band released their breathtakingly SAVAGE new album The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard.

The band members’ identities remain a mystery. In the interview, the band members who hop into the conversation all utilize voice simulators to protect their identities. Once you hear what the band has to say about religion “Religion is pure evil. God is a manmade construct used to control the masses and enslave them”, politics, race, and other highly publicized issues that continue to plague India like rape, violence, etc., you’ll understand how vital it is to protect their identities. It is these voices that are then able to speak their truth.

“Art has always been a medium of protest and we had to express our dissent.”

None of our words here does this interview justice. Go listen to the full thing and then don’t forget to listen to the album and feel their rage. Feel your rage. Let yourself rage.

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