Hong Kong Shows Survive Where They Can – Industrial Factory Buildings

Being bitter about the reality that bands and artists face in Hong Kong would be easy. What’s more challenging is that when you come face to face with this adversity, you roll up your sleeves and actually do something about it.

Hands down one of the coolest things to witness these past few years is when amazing individuals gather like-minded people, collectively pool all their resources together, not just financially but on a professional/skill level, and set up underground venues around Hong Kong. No, these venues are not in your convenient locations where rent expenses are exorbitant. These people purposely seek out locations far out of the way, where rent and other overhead expenses could be as minimal as possible, in order to create an art space to allow bands to perform and further develop their music. And no, please don’t picture your typical squats on dirt floors with rickety planks of wood tied together to make some sort of “stage”. Don’t picture a couple combo amps with blown out speakers, and a drumset duct taped together. These venues can and will surprise even the most jaded of you. Chances are more likely, that you will walk into a venue, though small, that comes complete with a professional lighting and audio rig. The stage could have up to 4 sets of half cabs, an 8×10 Ampeg cab, and your choice of guitar and bass ampheads. Stagehands will be ready to help you. Sound and lighting engineers will ask you to send music, tech riders and any audio/lighting needs prior to the show. Oh, and the PA? Perfect. Loud and clear AF.

One new venue that has quietly unveiled themselves is Sai Coeng (Cantonese slang literally for “small venue”). The venue is run by a collective of individuals well respected in Hong Kong. Well respected because they are known for high standards for both audio and lighting. Thus, when news broke out that they were now creating their own arts/music space, news spread like wildfire.

The venue has just announced its sixth event. As the past 5 events have been curated, this event too, only focuses on local bands. To be able to attend these events, attendees must register because the events are private functions.

How underground is that?

This sixth event is right up our alley featuring three bands from Hong Kong’s world of underground heavy music. Get all the deets below and see you there.

Date: 18 May 2019 (SAT)
Time: 2000 Start
Member Price: HK$180 (HK$100 Student)

As mentioned about, this event is private and by invitation only. You are required to fill in and submit the form linked below. (All registered members don’t need to register again.)

FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/408228736635431/

Stay up to date with this current show and any future events here: https://www.facebook.com/saicoenghk

More power to any of you out there who put so much heart and time into supporting your community. Us bands, audience, fans of regional arts/music all thank you for your dedication and commitment.






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