Hong Kong metalcore band Parallel Horizons release explanation about upcoming debut album

Hong Kong metalcore band Parallel Horizons release explanation about upcoming debut album:

“With our album on it’s way and having spent hours and hours editing and listening to the vocals on the album. I would like to share a bit about the theme and focus of this album to the tiny bunch of people who care about the lyrics within the tiny bunch of people who enjoy our music.

The artwork for Dissonant Echoes, which a lot of you might have seen, was completed long before the album was even halfway done. At that time I felt like we needed something solid, a first step to push us towards actually making an album. What I did back then was I showed Tim of Mindkillerink our instrumental demos, and lots of stuff happened but in the end this is the finished product. From my perspective, It’s not a person putting on or removing a mask, rather he is holding on to that identity that keeps crumbling and getting sucked one piece at a time into oblivion. And by the time most of the songs were completed this is exactly what most of the songs on this album is about, except those songs that we have previously released and are remastering for this album.

On the instrumental side, this is definitely a challenging album. There are parts that the guys have had doubts about, whether it is actually possible to play and stuff like that, luckily as the previous EP showed, my bandmates are hardworking guys who don’t backdown from challenges. On my end tho, it was a real challenge to write vocals and lyrics for songs that are already so rich in content. And by the time everything was finished, I knew I have given myself a real challenge, something to push myself further, much like when I first joined Parallel Horizons and did not even know how to scream or sing properly.

Lyrically, the theme ranges from seeing through all the bullshit society tries to feed you everyday, to finding meaning to your existence within yourself, to understanding the vastness of this world and how we compare to it, to the almost romantic lyrics of older songs. I am far from being a great writer, but I am a very visual thinker, therefore my writings come from images in my head. And a lot of the lyrics on this album are from the images in my head formed when I think about what I want to say or how the song makes me feel. It is quite pointless to show you guys the full lyrics now before the songs are even released, but still I would like to share with you guys my favourites, and if any of the topics interest you, we can further discuss them privately.

“Structures of grandeur fall to the frailty of the mind and its ever growing lust for change.
To undo what was done so perfectly, to hasten the decay of man.

They will remove all these monuments that prove there is something within all of us that’s more than machinery. Eliminate the hope that a consciousness exists when the body decays and is rid of chains that keep us on the ground, rules that keep our minds confined.

Can you see beyond these walls that keeps us in perfect form.”

– Empire Disintegrate

“I see a cycle that never breaks.
An endless search for the answers you can’t obtain.”

– Absolute // Obsolete

“Savour the silence and bathe in darkness’ hold,
let your fears take hold of you.
Look in the eyes of the demons that haunted you,
feel the fear slowly fade in you.”
– Black Lotus

“You will wrap your fingers around the minds of the weak and pursuers of false gods.
Your sweet deception will make them fall on their knees and bleed for your wicked cause.

In your presence mother mercy slits her own throat,
To free this world from eternal suffering.”

– Collector Of Souls

Like the sharpest razor, your smile cut through my wrists.
I’ll keep bleeding love into your perfect soul.
Take what you want from me,
That’s all I wanna be.
Your grip upon my heart,
Remains eternally.

– Transcendence

If you’re actually reading this line, thanks for spending time reading this, you’re one of a kind 🙂

This is my take on life, at 23 there are many things I have yet to experience, but I have also experienced many things. For me, it’s a fuck ton of depression with just a hint of hope to keep you going on, dragging yourself through a journey that is definitely unpleasant. It’s not unlike Dark Souls, which is definitely my favourite game series. You either find your own reason to keep going on, or you just have to accept that all this is for nothing and enjoy the ride.”


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