Hong Kong indie-rock band Modern Children release sweet song for fallen member

modren children

Hong Kong indie-rock band Modern Children release a sweet sweet song for their guitarist Jimmy who passed away earlier this year. The lyrics were actually written by the guitarist himself…hard not to get a tear in your eye as you listen to this soulful tune.

“These lyrics, were the last gift that Jimmy had given us. This song, is the best that we could give him.

Bittersweet Memories, the video is roughly 4 minutes long, but it contains our memories of the last 10 years. These memories were like a long train journey, taking us from Hong Kong, to Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hefei, Japan and Singapore. One winter night this year, the deep whistle of the train engine made a sorrowful note, telling us that Jimmy had to get off the train first, and continue his journey in a place far away. The train slowly came to a halt, we stepped out on to the platform and said goodbye to him.

The whistle of the train is heard again, we hope we can continue his laughter and music in our future journey.

We would like to dedicate this song to our beloved Jimmy, and to everyone who loves him.”

Rest in power Jimmy – we hope when you hear this song it does you proud.

Please support Modern Children here: https://www.facebook.com/ModernChildren/

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