Hong Kong Hardcore Band King Ly Chee Return With Classic Lineup [Hong Kong]

Stoked to announce that my band King Ly Chee has decided to reform what is considered our “classic” lineup in Hong Kong. The lineup that connected with Hong Kong the most is called the “Stand Strong” lineup – which is the title of our second album released back in 2003. The band featured myself (Riz) on guitar and vocals, Alex on bass and vocals, Andy on guitar, and Kevin on drums. That particular lineup played massive shows all over Hong Kong (including opening for Korn here in front of 4000 people) and even hit the road all over Taiwan and SE Asia. In 2005 the lineup started to fray and one by one each member ended up leaving only myself to continue the band all the way up to 2017 when I finally decided it was time to hang it up.

So what brought the band back together? Getting older and becoming more and more nostalgic for the old days is what brought it back together. A lot of old videos and photos kept popping up and it got us all talking again.

Photo taken in 2002

About 5 months after getting back in a room together for the first time in decades, we’re here to announce the second of our comeback shows (The first show sold out in 90 minutes. Insane!). This time we’re putting it on ourselves at a cool venue in Hong Kong called The Aftermath. In fact, both The Aftermath and the ticketing company we’re using, Ticketflap, have been super kind in supporting us and making sure that this is worth it for us. BIG thanks to them!

Currently, our bassist Alex is still in Europe so we have a dear old friend (and an ex-member of King Ly Chee) Ah Ho help out on bass and he sounds SICK. Ah Ho goes way back with the band – being present at the band’s very first jam in 1999 and even designed the “classic” logo that you see in the flyer above.

The show also features good friends in fellow Hong Kong hardcore band Fight Club as well as deathcore band Protoss.

Tickets go on sale Monday, December 20th at 9pm at this link: https://www.ticketflap.com/kinglychee

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