Hong Kong Hardcore Back From The Dead With Upcoming Show – October 6

We here in Hong Kong are truly ecstatic about this upcoming show featuring some of Hong Kong’s very own hardcore bands. The lineup includes 2 bands who are purposely coming back from the dead to have some fun joining in with bands that have been active these past few years. Check out the lineup below and if you can make it to the show – come on out!

Date: October 6, 2018
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Sir Run Run Shaw Building 401, Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
Tickets: Adv 100HKD / Walk-in 140HKD
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/233646277330255/


One of those bands who are coming back to deliver a one two punch to wake the sleepy Hong Kong hardcore community back up. DIV has always been a forward thinking act mixing tons of sonic dissonance and mathcore goodness in their music and a powerful live show. It’ll be great to see the band take the stage after many years away.


There once was a time in Hong Kong where it felt like hardcore ruled the streets. There was such a strong buzz of a community here of bands and people who were interested in hardcore deeper than just listening to the music. There was a deeper calling that attracted what felt like hundreds at one point in time. At the tail end of that time period was yet another band that got right to the heart of hardcore, especially due to penning lyrical content in Cantonese. This band was called Embryo and the track playing below is a Hong Kong classic. We’re super excited to see this band play live once again. Rumor has it, they may even be delivering a brand new song in the next weeks! SICK!


Hong Kong hardcore band FightXClub are the actual members behind this show. The band features some of the most passionate members of Hong Kong’s underground music community. We are glad the band has stuck to their guns over the many years despite lineup changes (seems to be a consistent problem with every Hong Kong hardcore or metal band). FightXClub bring their straight to your face hardcore vibe with an insanely explosive live set.


Hong Kong metallic hardcore 4 piece Dagger have spent the year playing more frequently outside of Hong Kong having hit up Tainan, Taizhong, Singapore, Manila, Shenzhen, Guangzhou this year. The band has Beijing and Bangkok coming up as well. This show will only be their second local Hong Kong show this year and to say they’re excited is quite the understatement. The band will be releasing a split 7″ this year.

The Squawk

Hong Kong punk band The Squawk complete the lineup of what will be an intense show documenting and celebrating what we have to offer in terms of hardcore in this fine city of ours. The band earlier this year released a split 7″ with another awesome Hong Kong punk band entitled The Tracy Lords. If you haven’t heard The Squawk you have to check them out. Their direct socio political barbs are by far the most direct FUCK YOU’s to the establishment that comes screaming out from the underground.

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