Hong Kong deathcore band Protoss lose members – vow to continue on – announce new vocalist

Formed in 2008, Hong Kong deathcore band Protoss has been a force to be reckoned with whose entire existence has been built upon hard work and dedication to their craft. The band has released two full length albums Things Turn into History in 2008, and then their breath taking follow up album Divine Sanctuary in 2016. The band has toured extensively throughout China continuing to their following.

A few months ago Protoss played a show in Hong Kong yet had a different singer. We were a little perplexed and so prodded their guitarist Sing for more info. He confirmed that indeed the band currently not only lost their vocalist, but also one of their guitarists. Both members had to step way for various reasons that were impacting their time with the band. The band being 2 members short you would think would put a certain halt to their activities. But this band who has gone through several lineup changes, and who are now with their third vocalist, have vowed to keep on going. We couldn’t be more prouder of this band and their steadfast desire to keep the Protoss train moving forward.

Today the band is proud to announce that their new vocalist is CT. We saw him back in January take the stage for Protoss and rest assured, this dude KILLS it.

Come support Protoss at our upcoming Where’s Your Anger / Where’s Your Fucking Rage show here in Hong Kong on July 29 if you’re around! More info here: https://uniteasia.org/get-know-hong-kong-bands-playing-next-unite-asia-x-hkma-event/

Check out the band’s facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/protosshk/


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