Hong Kong deathcore band Black Night Red Sky release live videos

Black Night Red Sky

It’s not often you see bands in Hong Kong really overcome that race barrier by just playing music. Hong Kong is mainly a city that gets along with each other as long as everyone sticks to their own kind. Sorry for the honesty – it’s the truth. The same mentality often creeps into music as well.

Black Night Red Sky shatters that mold beautifully. They are a Hong Kong deathcore band that consists of members of Filipino and Chinese origins – and as a site called “Unite Asia” – we’re all about people showing the world how easy it is to overcome these silly little differences that come up based on race and language…even when you can’t communicate properly with each other, sometimes, just let the music do the talking.

Black Night Red Sky have been active since 2011 and are in the midst of releasing their first release which will be a 7-song down-tuned anger management course for all y’all’s aural pleasure. The EP will be entitled “Distorted Perception”. On stage these guys deliver non-stop brutality – there is no “mellow” in the songs these guys create…they get on stage and like a runaway train will continue to pummel you into submission until the last note, and then grateful for the opportunity to be on stage (any stage), these guys politely get off stage.

Black Night Red Sky

Check out live videos from their recent show in Hong Kong. Check out their soundcloud below as well and stay up to date for further news about their upcoming EP.

Once you do all the checking out below…make sure to get on their FB to show some love: https://www.facebook.com/Blacknightredsky/timeline

Here is some old recorded material:

Black Night Red Sky

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