Holy Shit – 1 Minute Into The Editing Of This Power Trip Fullset And We’re Floored [Singapore]

Holy fucking shit…this is an expert level display of HOW to edit a fullset live video. This fullset live video of Power Trip‘s set in Singapore from earlier this year comes complete with multiple camera angles, excellent use of shaky footage, soundboard QUALITY audio, and a great filter/effect over the entire thing…but all that doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right person editing it. Apparently Uncouth found someone named Aidil and yo, we bow down to you. YOU KILLED IT ON THIS! We beg you to do one of those “Master Class” episodes that YouTube keeps bombarding us with! hahahaha…

Of course hats off also go to the Singapore scene – you see those bodies flying off stage and screaming their heads off? If we were a band on the other side of the planet far away from our families – THAT is what would make this all feel worth it.

Okay – gotta get back to watching this…multiple times.



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