Holy crap…youthcrew hardcore band Stand Clear from Indonesia RIP IT UP!!!

Stand Clear

Yo…get those fat black markers out and start X-ing up…I’m telling you, even if you’re not edge you’re going to feel the vibe take over every fiber of your being as soon as this 10 track ripper by Stand Clear from Indonesia explodes! Indonesia always does hardcore right, and by doing so does Asia proud. Everything that comes out in terns of hardcore from that country always seems well-versed in the traditions and sounds of the roots of the music/culture and thus bands seamlessly can break into diverging sections of songs with such expert mastery (check out the bass tone on this recording)…after listening for just a few seconds you can’t but want to pick up your own guitar and throw it away. hahahahahaha…

Good fucking record by Stand Clear! Do yourself a favor and press play on this beast.


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