Heavy Chiptune Artist, N3M3515 Releases Debut EP [Singapore]

“Wait a minute… Chiptune? From Singapore? This website is for Punk, Hardcore or Metal.

You probably have heard of some form of chiptune before. The bleeping tunes from your childhood memories, never failing to create excitement and various emotions. Chiptune is technically not a genre but a medium in which any genre of music can be expressed.

Many may perceive chiptune as happy, poppy, kawaii which is true to a certain extent.

N3M3515 serves as an alternative for those interested in chiptune but aren’t interested in taking the happy pill.

Previously a passive supporter of Chiptune, N3M3515 is now ready to officially enter the scene with a debut EP titled Destron which will be having a limited release of 66 copies on Cassette format. This self-released EP consists of 7 hauntingly menacing songs, each song named after a Decepticon. Listening to it may make you feel like you’re playing a video game. But in this game you will not be the good guy. Crushing the heads of Autobots and destroying Planet Earth.

N3M3515 has played shows in Japan and has an upcoming gig on a small island Bornholm(Denmark). There are active Chiptune scenes in many parts of the world. But will it bloom in Singapore? Guess we’ll have to see.

*Warning: Making music on a gaming console may be seen as Black Magic and likely to get petitioned and banned from being played live in Singapore.”


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