Hardcore Punk Veterans Stepforward Release Tracks For 25 Year Anniversary [Indonesia]

The band was actually kind enough to send this to us back in January of this year when they first announced a special 7″ release to commemorate their 25 year anniversary, but we wanted to wait until the music was streaming. Thank god we waited – SHIT RIPS!!!

Check out the write-up below and then go jam the tracks! Celebrate an amazing band’s longevity! 25 years!

We wanted this to be a collaborative effort,” said Ricky Siahaan, guitarist of the band Stepforward, in regards to the 7” just released through Indonesian label Stockroom Recordings.

The band was originally formed back in 1995 in Jakarta back when the Indonesian scene was still young and fresh. From 1995 to 2009 the band graced many stages performing their brand of hardcore which is a blend of more metallic sounding hardcore and some straight-up hardcore punk. The band did go on hiatus for some time, but the past 5 years have seen them fully active again.

“This is what we mean by “collaborative” explained Ricky. “The co-founder of the band, Andre, our ex-guitarist, happens to run the label Stockroom Recordings so he decided to help release the record. Fadli, Stepforward’s ex-bass player, did the photography for the cover, and Wendi Putranto, our band manager during the late ’90s, helped distribute the songs to digital platforms. This collaboration is our way of remembering where we came from. Besides,  we are still good friends to this day.”

The tracks featured on the vinyl (only 300 pressed) are streaming below. Ricky says, “Both songs are pretty fast and furious 90’s style hardcore. ‘Saksi Imaji’ is a metal-tinged jam with some melodic indie-influenced parts. Both are actually old songs recorded circa 2004-2006 but were never released. Stepforward released our debut album “Stories of Undying Hope” in 2001 and have been on a bunch of other comps prior to this new 7″.”

Ricky sums up the release in the following manner:

“We had fun. Might not be as active as we used to be, but we did things that are fun and that made us appreciate life. Staying sane by playing the music we love, with no burden in mind. Is it going to stop? We’ll stop when we’re dead.”

Go support the band here: https://www.instagram.com/stepforward.jkt/

And the label here: https://www.instagram.com/stockroomrekord/

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