Hardcore Punk Grindcore D Beat Mayhem Show Announced In Hong Kong

This summer Hong Kong has been set on fire. Unless you live under a rock, you should be well aware that an underlying fury of anger that has been bubbling for decades, erupted this past weekend. The social-political climate has been rocked with a million person march, followed by a 2 million person march, and then followed up with the annual July 1st “Handover” protest that saw half a million people take to the streets. All of these events were done in a peaceful manner with the demands clearly articulated to the powers that be. When the powers that be ignored all these demands, even when three innocent people tragically took their own lives in an act of hopelessness, a faction of protestors took matters in a more destructive direction out of sheer despair, anger and desperation. Their reasoning being “We’ve tried peaceful means and nothing has changed and no one has listened. What else can we do?” This summer the fire will continue to burn.

As with many places in the world facing an uncertain future – please keep the people of Hong Kong in your hearts.

On August 31 a few Hong Kong (and Hong Kong adjacent) hardcore, punk, grindcore, D beat, inspired bands will be playing a free show. First of all, a collection of bands like this coming together to play in a city not known for hardcore and punk rock, is a rare occurrence, but under the climate that we’re in – a loud, abrasive, in your face, nihilistic night of music is much needed.

Check out music, show details, all below.

Show info: https://www.facebook.com/events/585984091805637/






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