Hardcore Punk Band Stiletto Release 6 Track Demo [Singapore]

As is the case of most tight knit scenes from around the world, many of Singapore’s hardcore/punk bands share members of a variety of bands who form and create sick music, then start other bands and continue to create sick music, and then form other bands to create sick music…the cycle continues and the result is a BARRAGE of insane music coming from this tiny country. This band, Stiletto, features members of Zodd, Unsub, Doldrey, Fluke…all bands who have released intense music.

According to the band:

“The band consists of members from Fluke, Bethari, Doldrey, Unsub, Zodd and Fuse…sort of a side project. We wanted to play like fast raging hardcore punk for the likes of Necros, Koro, Neos to name a few.”

Go check it out. Demo will be out on cassette soon…someone from the band send us that info whenever you have it please.

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