Hardcore Punk Band Peach Drop Debut EP / Give Us Track By Track Breakdown [Indonesia]

WOOHOO!!! Stoked that brand new hardcore punk band, Peach outta Indonesia, have dropped their debut EP ‘Nisha’! The band sent us a track-by-track breakdown of the 5 killer songs on this debut release.

Nisha is the only song written in Indonesian. It talks about the sexist stigma over women coming home late at night.

Caged is the very first song from Peach. The lyrics were written by Marsha. During the writing process of the song, what was thrilling and made us nervous as well is that we added a little touch of Rock sound at the end of the song.

Bubbles is the last song on our EP. The writing process of the song was a bit challenging. We kept changing a thing or two every time we practiced the song, whether it was the chords or the lyrics. And it may or may not be the longest song on the EP.

We just want to say that all these songs came together either at our producer’s or Marsha’s (vocalist) and Sarah’s (bassist) workplaces.”


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