Hardcore Punk Badasses, Last Minute, Release Debut Album ‘Amity’ [Malaysia]

Malaysian straight-edge hardcore band Last Minute have been non-fucking-stop since they’ve come back! And the world is so much better for it…

The band has now released their debut album ‘Amity’ by launching a whole bunch of songs off the record streaming below. The band, as always, were kind enough to send us some info about the songs and the album in particular.

“Actually this full length only contains a few new songs, the rest of the songs are old tracks that we revised and improved in terms of the music, lyrics, song titles, etc. We recorded a bunch of stuff in 2015 but we never released it so we decided to put them all on this record. The tracks that are presented on this album are a mix of songs written back in 2015 and that we’ve played live a bunch of times, but also includes all our new songs from last year as well. Though the album is out now, we still have a whole bunch of even newer material we’re saving for our next project.”

The band works so hard! RESPECT


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