Hardcore Metal Band Arcadia Drop 5 Track EP ‘World Lockdown’ [Philippines]

When good friends of ours who we’ve been supporting for years finally release an EP or an album, there is something tremendously emotional about it. It’s like we’ve been documenting their journey to this VERY moment where it all comes together in a massive collection of music that’s been gestating and now, it’s been birthed into this cold, heartless, jaded world. As a website that is all about supporting our Asian brothers and sisters through their entire journey of creating music, this moment is always something we are super proud of.

Our friends in heavy as fuck Philippines hardcore metal band Arcadia have just dropped a 5 track EP entitled ‘World Lockdown’. The tracks that make up this release are all songs we’ve heard before because the band has been working with one of the best production houses in all of Asia – Tower of Doom – for years now. But now it’s all collected in one place under the aptly titled EP. Guitarist Ariel stated, “This 5 song EP was originally planned to be part of an album but some of our newer songs that we’ve been writing just don’t fit with the vibe of these tracks, so we decided to release it as an EP instead.” That isn’t to say these are “throwaway” tracks at all – you’d be fucking mental if after listening to the MONSTROUS sounds and riffs and vocals and lyrics and the fucking in your face production that you’d consider these filler tracks in anticipation of the band’s full length. These are earth-shattering tracks that you should be playing over and over. To us, the tracks and the way they’re pieced together (we’re suckers for well-crafted songs) ooze professionalism. Arcadia sound like they should be as huge as bands like Lionheart, Madball, The Ghost Inside, Hatebreed, but alas, they’re from Asia which means they will remain unknown. As a website, our whole mission is to try our best to fix that.

The full EP is currently only available on YouTube under the playlist below and will be up on streaming platforms soon. The band has also stated that there may be CD versions coming soon.

Either way – go keep yourself updated on the band’s socials: https://www.facebook.com/arcadiaRP

Photos by Niko Cezar
Edited By Santino Baraquiel
Artwork by Tower of Doom

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