Hardcore Band Prejudize Strip It All Down to Straight Aggression on New Track [Indonesia]

Goddamn – Indonesian metallic hardcore band Prejudize have started 2023 with a fucking banger right here. The new single is entitled ‘Constant Burning’ where the band roped in Aditya Indra of fellow Indonesian hardcore punk band ZIP to help with producing the band’s music. The band added that besides Aditya, they got tons of people from their scene involved, “Not only Aditya Indra, several other people were also involved in working on this track and the music video. Such as Krisna and Luthfi from Bleach, Bimo, Fian and Ramzi from Rounder, and friends from the scene participating in the making of the music video.”

The band states that for this particular track, and possible future releases, they went back to the vibe on their initial 2021 demo. “Every time we perform, tracks from Demo 2021 have a different power. Not only do we enjoy playing these tracks more, but they also seem to have a greater impact on the audience.”

The track will be featured on an EP to be released in mid-2023.


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