Hardcore band Piledriver celebrate 20 years – fullset live video up now

Hardcore band Piledriver celebrate 20 years – fullset live video up now.

“We will be celebrating the 20th year of the band this coming February 2018. We never imagine this band lasting this long. We are just a band the loves hardcore and want to create our own songs when we started out. Not in our wildest imagination, no one thought that we will be still doing this till this day. We never thought that this music will take us places and will give us the chance to meet tons of cool people that lots of them became our good friends. We would to say thank you to all the past members of this band, you guys really contributed to what is PILEDRIVER today. Also, to all who supported the band since day one. To all who bought our merch, made artwork, made merch for the band, all the distros, labels, film makers, productions and to all individuals that helped the band one way or another, much love and respect to you all! We owe you guys big time! For the past 20 years, we been to alot.. We are blessed to be still doing this today and we all believe that this band has a mission and message to share. Thank you very much for all the inspiration, love and understanding from our family. We will keep it rolling!”


Video credit: Joan Igop Dineros

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