Hands Upon Salvation and Stolen Visions release split record [Indonesian metallic hardcore]

Hands Upon Salvation and Stolen Visions release split record [Indonesian metallic hardcore]. The bands have sent in the following background:

“Stolen Visions, a hardcore/metal born in the 90s, quickly became living legends of Malang, Eastern Java, Indonesia. Their debut “They Make Me Stronger” released by Youth Frontline Records back in 1997 was a huge milestone and part of their legacy. Almost no one back then played that kind of hardcore infused with metal or affected by the dark charm of the Clevo sound or even European evilcore. That release was one of the very first out of the Indonesian hardcore/metal scene.

Hands Upon Salvation, also a hardcore/metal out of Yogyakarta, were originally called “Destruct” and then morphed into Hands Upon Salvation in 2001. Their history started in 2004 with the release of “Celebrate The Newborn” by Diorama Records. They were part of a small collective called New Vision Brotherhood and are the only remaining member left.

In 2017 both these powerhouse bands agreed to release a split album entitled Comprehensive Chaos and The Seek of Immortality of which a track can be heard down below. The record will be released by FTP Inc. (Malang), Samstrong Records (Yogyakarta/Pekalongan), Heartcorner Records (Purwokerto).”

Look out for more info soon.



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