Our guide to the Asian acts in this year’s Hammersonic Festival Lineup!

Mammoth metal festival Hammersonic Festival have already announced some of the international acts taking part from Dead Kennedys, Ihsahn, H2O, In Flames, Brujeria, Vital Remains, Revocation, but we (of course) are most excited to get in there and spread the word of the stellar Asian acts that are taking part this year. Check out some of them below:

Witchseeker is a 3 piece heavy metal trio formed in late 2012 in Singapore, originally started as a one man project by Sheikh Spitfire. The band recently released their debut album streaming below.

Defiled from Japan is a very familiar fixture on the Asian heavy music circuit. They have delivered brutal death metal for over 25 years, and their latest album Towards Inevitable Ruin honorsthat solemn tradition. The band buck modern convention and deliver albums devoid of fake edits, effects, and unnatural sounds.

Emerging from the Cocoon is a 5 piece deathcore act hailing from the island of Taiwan. The band most recently released a brand new music video which you can check out below.

Valley of Chrome is a metal band from the Philippines that incorporates all sorts of elements from the traditional to modern into their manic world of heavy music. Their entire catalog of music is something to study from beginning to end and even helps track the band’s insane progression from one song to the next. Check out their latest melodic yet heavy AF track below. This song with it’s massive chorus is going to sound HUGE on a gigantic stage like Hammersonic.

Born in Thailand back in 1997, Shambles is a dark death metal band that has been killing it non-stop. The band just announced a Japan tour and put out an insane EP earlier this year.

Of course, not to be outdone is the insane Indonesian acts that are in the lineup…there are too many to mention but here are just a few that you should check out. The bands we picked below also shows you just how diverse the Indonesian heavy music scene is. So fucking inspiring!

Indonesian thrash punk mayhem courtesy of TCUKIMAY! Fucking BADASS!

MISANTHROPIC IMPERIUM black metal maniacs who recently released an album entitled Cawan Amarah. The band threw out a lyric video so get a taster down below. Sick!

Not to be outdone – we do have some youthcrew hardcore in the lineup. Check out stalwarts of the Indonesian hardcore scene – Straight Out! How sick is it to see some fingerpointing and X’s up on that massive stage!

Fucking madness…check out brutal death metal act Funeral Inception on their most recent album released back in 2016.

You’ve even got fucking grindcore in the lineup! This band is CRAZY Bersimbah Darah.

Not to be outdone, and would be ridiculous if we didn’t mention, is metalcore band Down For Life. This powerhouse band has been at it since 1999 and have just won the Wacken Battle of the Bands contest held in Indonesia which means the band will be flown out to take the stage at Wacken in 2019 representing Indonesia. Sick!

How about doom stoner metal?! This band Klandestin just released a full length album ready for you to lose your mind to!

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