Grindcore Trio Wormrot Release Music Video and Awesome Pre-Order Packages [Singapore]

Yo…by now all of you should’ve already had a chance to check Singaporean grindcore trio Wormrot‘s surprise drop. The band just released the first single off their upcoming fourth album ‘Hiss’ out on Earache Records this July 8. The track is called ‘Behind Closed Doors’ and should be as expected of the band – a straight in-your-face rager. So let’s talk about the things that are pleasantly different on the track – yo, how about Rasyid’s guitar tone?!?!? The clarity in the tone immediately displays the technicality in these pummeling riffs. If you’re a fan of Napalm Death’s most recent full-length ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’ (if you aren’t a fan – stop reading this website now. Just kidding. Maybe.) that’s the closest we can explain with what we mean by “clarity” in a guitar tone for aggressive music. Just like the riffs on Napalm Death’s most recent masterpiece are clear as day, the tone on this new track by Wormrot (certainly the tone for the entire album we presume) is able to expertly harness both the aggression and the clarity of this riff monster.

Next is vocalist Arif’s dexterity as a singer which he does in spades all over this thing. The tone on the entire intro is a more hardcore throaty yell that will catch you by surprise but fully love, and then when we get into blast beat territory he sits back in his more familiar insane vocal throat-shredding territory which can go from high pitch to low on a dime. Talking about blast beats Vijesh, goes without saying, continues to fucking annihilate the kit with his precision yet immense power. (Seems to be a running theme with these musicians – how to play incredibly aggressive music both explosively AND clean.)

And that’s just our thoughts from this first single that we’ve been repeating all day long.

According to Earache’s press release:

“It feels like there’s no better time to release ‘HISS’ than now. The pandemic put us out longer than we expected and it seems like we are close to the end of it. The world is adapting and we’d like to be part of the mental recovery for the underground community. We hope to draw more attention to Grindcore and prove that Grindcore is not to be taken lightly. This is us finding new vigor and regaining confidence after years of lull and uncertainty.” – Rasyid Juraimi, Wormrot

Earache has already released full pre-order packages for the vinyl, CD, and cassettes. But what caught our eye is this beautiful cassette boxset that includes all 4 of the band’s albums – Dirge, Abuse, Vices, Hiss. Look at this beast:

Alright…that’s it for now…go blast the song and spread the word. Even if you don’t, the entire planet loves this band for good reason and have already shared the FUCK out of this track.

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