We Are Going to Start Rejecting Submissions If…

Dear All,

Thank you to all those bands, labels, PR peeps, who do a great job sending us interesting information about your release, video, tour, etc. It is really appreciated when something comes in and is so well-thought-out that all we have to do is copy and paste the info and send it out into the world.

Most submissions that come in do follow everything we ask you to send in in the SUBMIT NEWS link on the website. And we thank you for doing that. As soon as a submission comes in, we of course help edit the post and make it a little more reader-friendly by fixing grammar or revising some of the vocabulary used. It’s not that our English is any better, but after a few years of doing this, we have a better idea of how we can help edit your writing. After all, we just want your post to be read. We just want your video or song to be watched and heard.

So keep ’em coming!

Having said that, we have decided that if posts come in looking like the one below, that we are just going to reject your submission all together:

“XXX Release new song entitled XXX


Guitars: X
Guitars: Y
Bass: Z
Vocals: A
Drums: B

Recorded and mixed by XYZ”


This to us is beyond lazy. This shows that you don’t care about your own band or music enough to write a paragraph letting the world know who you are, and why they should take a few seconds out of their daily lives to check you out. This also shows you have zero respect for our site and what we’re trying to accomplish – which is to grab worldwide attention and bring it over to Asia to support our bands and communities.

Let us repeat that – THIS IS BEYOND LAZY. It’s like you’re showing the world that you don’t care about your band, so why should others care about you? Which then begs the questions, why are you submitting this to any website in the first place? What’s interesting about this post?


There are BILLIONS of bands releasing music every day. You are just one of them. So you have to always consider what would make you stand out? When someone is scrolling through a music website, what would make them stop to check you out?

“XXX Band Releases XXX song” CANNOT be your WHOLE post!!! That’s just nuts…

For examples of GOOD posts check out the following:

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  5. https://uniteasia.org/weekly-podcast-porous-borders-features-observatory-singapore/

Please help us help you.

UniteAsia.org is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!