GARAPAL [Singapore] & VIOLENCIA INDISCRIMINADA [Dubai, UAE] Release Split Tape

GARAPAL (fastcore violence from Singapore) and VIOLENCIA INDISCRIMINADA (power violence from Dubai, UAE) have released a split tape that will be distributed in Asia and the Middle East.

Garapal’s side of this split contains material from their first EP, Buried In Dirt. A good mix of fast hardcore punk & power violence and this release is exactly that! It contains 8 tracks clocking just under 7 minutes. No frills; no fucking bullshit. Get on this if you missed their debut release from September 2019.

Violencia Indiscriminada, play a style of fast, noisy and raw hardcore punk which is distinctively heard from their side on this tape. It combines a mix of their influences from the various likes of thrashcore, fastcore and power violence bands. Majority of the songs are written in Spanish and relating to socio-political issues.

Released on pro cassettes limited to 200 pieces! Available on two different cover designs.
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