Founder of Thai Skinhead Crew – HDB Crew – Becomes a Monk [Thailand]

Asia will always be such a cool place because of things exactly like this.

Our friend A is part of the Bangkok Skinheads crew and a founding member of the HDB Crew. He’s been involved with the Thai hardcore punk rock scene for years and years. Though he has immense love and passion for punk rock, like many of us Asians, he still holds on to the traditions of the land that raised him. Like many of us who may scream in a mic at night and then wake up in the morning for Fajr prayers, he too holds true to his culture.

A recently became ordained as a monk in Thailand! This awesome video was being spread around our socials yesterday during the ceremony – make sure you turn the volume up so you can see what was actually being played at the ceremony!

He was kind enough to send us some BEAUTIFULLY shot photos of the entire ceremony which we’re VERY honored to share with you. Mad respect to the photographer Penx Wiboon for these killer shots!

Huge congrats to A! When asked what he was going to do first after becoming a monk, he responded, “Don’t know – maybe write some Buddhist punk rock songs!” 🙂

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