Folk Metal Act Crescent Lament Release MV For Epic Track [Taiwan]

‘Land of Lost Voices’ was the third album released by Taiwanese folk metal act Crescent Lament back in 2020. According to the band, the album was “a sequel to our second album continuing from where Elegy for the Blossoms left off: the unfinished romance between A-hiong and her lover. Using the red thread of fate that binds the star-crossed lovers, this concept album fishes out from the river of time a heartrending tale of Taiwanese people—for all to see.” With so much history and meaning behind the epic music – the band has today followed up the record with an official video for one of the tracks. The video consists footage from massive festivals they’ve been a part of in their homeland of Taiwan.

Everything about this band is epic…makes sense that all the history that they incorporate into their music comes in the form of “folk metal”. The music encompasses the pain, the torture, and indeed the hope for the future of Taiwan.

台灣人 – 加油!

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