Our First Unite Asia Podcast Review! By In Effect Hardcore [USA]

This is a huge honor for the first review of our podcast to come out of In Effect Hardcore in the US! And it’s not just a quick “killer podcast” type of review, it’s actually something thoughtful. The reviewer, Josh Derr, clearly checked out the entire podcast listening to what we as the host and more importantly, what our guest had to say picking up on the cadence and energy of the conversation. (He also noted the curated records in the back! Flush!)

We’ve actually seen a couple of people pick up on the fact that we as hosts, don’t talk over the guest or interrupt the guest. Thank you for noticing that. As someone that loves listening to podcasts, we always find it odd when a host invites a guest on the program, asks a question, and then begins to answer the question themselves while the guest can barely get a word in. We in Unite Asia Podcast invite our guests because we want to hear their stories ourselves. We want to know how they got into hardcore in Asia, what were the obstacles they faced, how did they get through all that in order to pursue their band or art, or whatever, as a way to inspire not just ourselves but everyone listening. So we ask the question and then step back. We really appreciate that Josh also noticed that if we need to steer the conversation back then we will step in just to aid the conversation because as anyone knows, it’s easy for super passionate people in conversations to go into insane tangents (we do it ourselves!). hahaha…

Thank you Josh, Chris, and In Effect Hardcore! Thank you to anyone out in the US (like US hardcore band Die Young below), Europe, or anywhere else outside of Asia that has checked it out, subscribed, and more importantly, are sharing it within your own communities!


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