Filipino punk band Village Idiots release full EP…we’re overcome with 90’s punk nostalgia :-)

village idiots

Filipino punk band Village Idiots have released a brand new EP full of 90’s punk rock vibes that is making us want to run home and blast all our Jawbreaker, Gameface records loud as shit. Get this…the band actually began back in 1995 (Hence how the music created does not seem like some 90’s punk revival thing…it actually IS what these guys sounded like).

village idiots

Here they are in all their 90’s glory 🙂 Anyone else want to bring those gigantic pants back? That was a cool time folks! 

Our good friend Agee Linan of Thought Market Zine had these words to say about the band:

“I first caught the first incarnation of Village Idiots back in the summer of 1995 playing a d.i.y. show in Calauan, Laguna back when d.i.y. meant the kids in the provinces had to do everything themselves – look for a venue to play, find the cheapest equipment they could find (cheap meant crappy).

Fast forward to 2003, Village Idiots had access to better equipment, but still were crappy (in a nice way) hahaha – they came out with “Needle(s)s To Say”, a 10 song CD which reflected the teen angst heartaches of these fine scrawny gentlemen.

After their last hometown show at Lakefest 2010, Village Idiots are back with a vengence with “Grip” – a 5 song EP of their signature heartfelt fastpaced pop-punk tunes.

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